WordPress Advanced Guides

What Are Custom Post Types and Custom Fields in WordPress?

Custom Post Types vs Custom Fields vs Custom Taxonomies They are different things. Custom post types are creating entirely new types of posts (i.e. classes in object-oriented programming speak). While custom fields are used to add different kinds of fields to a post type, e.g. simple text, long paragraph, number, date, date time, select /…

WordPress Advanced Guides

WordPress Plugin Development with Docker and Visual Studio Code

My preferred way of dong WordPress Plugin Development is by using Docker. Specifically, I use the wordpress and mariadb Docker images. An example docker-compose.yml is as follows: By mounting plugin directory here: I can work with the plugin using Visual Studio code and the plugin is automatically accessible within the WordPress container. To start WordPress…

WooCommerce Advanced Guides

WooCommerce Installation on AWS – Checklist

Cloudflare Signup Cloudflare Add website to Cloudflare Change name servers to Cloudflare’s Enable “Always On HTTPS” Tweak SSL settings if necessary – default is Full, can be Flexible or Strict AWS Signup AWS account Decide which AWS Region as primary region, considering cost, latency, and feature parity Draw a Deployment Diagram using draw.io. Diagram should…

ERPNext/Frappe Advanced Guides

How to Create A New App in Frappe/ERPNext (using Docker Development Environment)

You can create a new app by running dbench/bench new-app. You use dbench if you’re running it from the host’s frappe_docker folder instead of inside the frappe Docker container. ceefour@amanahspectre MINGW64 /d/project_amanah/SatuJuara/frappe_docker (master) $ ./dbench new-app library_management INFO:bench.app:creating new app library_management App Title (default: Library Management): Library Management App Description: App for managing Articles, Members,…

ERPNext/Frappe Advanced Guides

How to Install Frappe/Erpnext Development Environment using Docker for Windows

Frappe Application Development Tutorial: https://frappe.io/docs/user/en/tutorial frappe_docker GitHub repository: https://github.com/frappe/frappe_docker From now we will use “dbench” for many things. You may be wondering what this “dbench” is, I was wondering the same too. It is a thin wrapper & short script that basically runs the “bench” script but inside your Docker container, hence the “d” prefix….